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American Pipe and Supply Product Highlight: Introducing Polystar

If you have been looking for a high-quality piping solution that uses cutting-edge technology for better performance, then you have been searching for The Polystar Advanced Piping System. In addition to heightened performance, Polystar also allows you to save money — giving you better performance and cost–savings all with one product.

Below are a few of the benefits for using Polystar for your future piping jobs.

High-Quality Design: The fittings are made of copolymer polypropylene materials, layered with fiberglass for additional strength as well as insulation. Therefore, you get a PP-R inner layer, a Fibercore middle layer, and then a PP-R outer layer for increased quality (which is great for process piping).

Cost-Savings: With Polystar you get a piping system that is capable of reducing the thermal temperature up to 70%. As a result, you are able to save money on everything from expansion loops and joints to elbows and elbow offsets.

Options: Additionally, with Polystar you get options. CT-Red is for hot potable water distribution; CT-White is for chilled water, cooling/circulating water cooling towers and other non-potable applications; and CT-Blue is for cold potable water distribution. Additionally, you can use butt-fusion fittings for sizes between 6" and 20", electrofusion fittings for sizes between ½" and 16", or socket-fusion fittings for sizes between ½" and 4" with this system.

When searching for a new product, you want to select a piping system that you can stand behind. The quality of products that you use reflects upon your expertise. If you are looking for better performance than your current piping options, then consider The Polystar Advanced Piping System.

Contact one of our sales representatives today to learn more about Polystar, including how you can best use this product to meet your needs.

In order to provide the best prices and service to you, our customers, American Pipe & Supply maintains inventories at all of our locations.

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