Providing Exceptional Customer Service

American Pipe & Supply Company is a wholesale distributor of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF), plumbing fixtures and fire sprinkler materials. The success of our company hinges upon our ability to maintain a strong relationship with our customers and our employees, and we take our responsibility to both very personally. We know that the quality of our people is the most important asset we can offer. That´s why at American Pipe & Supply, we choose them carefully, train them well, and back them 100% in their efforts to provide exceptional customer service.

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Feature of the Week - 6/26/15

Need a water heater delivered? Call American Pipe & Supply!


 APS Welcomes Brant Watts, CFO

We are pleased to announce that Brant Watts will be joining American Pipe & Supply.... 


APS Announces New Nashville Location

American Pipe & Supply announces opening new facility in Nashville....


2015 AD Field Marketing Summit

We were full swing into 2015 at our Annual Affiliated Distributors' Field Marketing Summit!


New (NAECA) Water Heater Energy Standards

Are You NAECA Ready?


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