Providing Exceptional Customer Service

American Pipe & Supply Company is a wholesale distributor of pipe, valves and fittings (PVF), plumbing fixtures and fire sprinkler materials. The success of our company hinges upon our ability to maintain a strong relationship with our customers and our employees, and we take our responsibility to both very personally. We know that the quality of our people is the most important asset we can offer. That´s why at American Pipe & Supply, we choose them carefully, train them well, and back them 100% in their efforts to provide exceptional customer service.

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APS Welcomes Christopher Sweet

APS welcomes new Executive Vice-President of Sales Christopher Sweet 

APS Recognized as Best Workplace
John Howe and Harry Hays accept award at 2018 AD Plumbing & PVF Spring Network meeting

APS Welcomes Jeff Duncan

APS welcomes new Director of Operations Jeff Duncan 

Congratulations to John Howe

Congratulations to John Howe on winning...

Customer Service 

APS is proud to be the Supplier of Choice 


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